Alexander Chernov, prize-winner of international competitions belongs to the most talented and  brightest concert-giving pianists.

Musical biography of A. Chernov started in Ekaterinburg (Russia) where he was born in 1975. His first tutors were world well-known teachers Anna Arshavskaya,Natalya Litvinova and Irina Renova.The artistic personality of A. Chernov was formed under a distinctive and bright musician and piano teacher, famous both in Russia and abroad, Honored Worker in the Arts of Russia, Professor Evgeny Levitan who is one the best and valued students of  Stanislav Neuhaus and Bertha Marantz. Both of  them in their turn belong to the world-famous Russian piano school of Heinrich Neuhaus. Their names together with such world great musicians as Emil Gilels, Svyatoslav Richter, and Jacov Zak, Eugeny Malinin, Lev Naumov, Alexey Nasedkin, Eliso Virsaladze, Vladimir Krainev and many others are the best examples to characterize this school high level.

Alexander Chernov often plays on tours performing in the most prestigious concert halls of Europe and America both with solo and chamber programs as well as with prominent symphonic and chamber orchestras with such great musicians as Vladimir Spivakov, Sarah Caldwell (USA), Manuel Galduf  (Spain),Ilmar Lapinsh(Latvia), Eugeny Brazhnik (Russia), Dmitry Liss (Russia) and many others. Outstanding artistic and piano capabilities of A. Chernov allow him to perform wide and complicated programs  including  compositions of  such composers as L. Beethoven Sonata op. 106 "Hammerklavier",  F. Chopin Sonata h-moll, S. Rachmaninov Sonata No. 2, and Piano Concertos by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and others.

Being the winner of the International V. Krainev Piano Competition (Ukraine) and a prize-winner of  different prestigious competitions (including those of the International musical competitions World Federation in Geneva, Switzerland) Alexander Chernov has also become the holder of the special prize instituted by “The Virtuoses of  Moscow” chamber orchestra directed by Vladimir Spivakov.

 A. Chernov’s performances are regularly broadcast on radio and TV; they are often highly appreciated by the press. Here is an extract from “Levante” newspaper (Spain) about a 17-year-old A. Chernov: “ …  at the Jose Iturbi Competition finale A. Chernov was brilliantly playing the Second Concerto by S. Rachmaninov. Taking into consideration the age (he was only 17) one must probably be a genius to play such music that needs not only experience and skill but also physical power to perform it the way he does …”

At present Alexander Chernov is highly active at widening his repertoire and participating in different famous Russian and world forums and festivals both as a performer and a piano-teacher. As a concert-giving piano-player he performs musical compositions of different genres, styles and epochs. His performing energy together with beautiful musical and piano school are highly appreciated by the music lovers all over the world. It is also proved by press reviews of his recent performances and of the concert devoted to the F. Chopin’s creative activity in particular:

 “ … At this concert the pianist appeared as a real representative of the Neuhaus piano school. Nobleness of style, deep richness of content and poetry of the interpretation, many-timbered, colored and melodious grand-piano sounding are the necessary qualities to perform the Chopin music. And A. Chernov possesses all of them at a high level. Worth mentioning is the virtuosity and artistic skill of the pianist. Everything was performed at the highest qualitative level … .”

In his creative activity Alexander Chernov follows high piano-performing traditions of the past but at the same time he is interested in everything new and talented in modern musical art. He is constantly seeking for creative innovations and is always open for fruitful cooperation  and is looking forward new meetings with music lovers.